[BLML] The Monty Hall trap [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

richard.hills at immi.gov.au richard.hills at immi.gov.au
Sun Dec 12 23:32:28 CET 2010

Alain Gottcheiner:

>AG : I, for one, think that is a case where "disruption"
>comes in. One should be allowed to split the score, -630
>and +110.
>Not allowed by current rules ? perhaps, but should be.

Richard Hills:

"Should be" butters no parsnips.  If East misexplained
West's correct bid, then there has been an infraction,
and East-West get their score adjusted to +110.  If
East correctly explained West's misbid, then there has
been no infraction, and East-West keep their table
score of +630.

If the 2018 Lawbook redefines all misbids and psyches
and undiscussed calls as infractions, then there will
be unintended consequences flowing on from such a
fundamental change to the nature of Duplicate Bridge.

Alain Gottcheiner:

>1) the cards might as well have been dealt :
>W - Jxxx / KQxxx / Qxxx / Q
>N - Qxx / Jxxx / A / Kxxxx
>E - x / Axx / KJxx / AJxxx
>2) that's how the bidding tells us they are

Richard Hills:

Not necessarily.  West should not hold 14 cards.  So it is
more plausible that the cards have been dealt thusly ->

QJT9                           865
AK962                          8
765                            AQ97
2                              AQT43

-> when one takes into account that North passed as
dealer (in this constructed case because North's suit
quality mitigated against opening a weak two in hearts).

Team-mates will not be impressed at you electing to
declare 2Sx when the opponents not only hold more high
cards than you (a certain fact on the bidding, but also
hold more trumps than you (a significant possibility on
the bidding, since West's failure to make a game try
suggests a misfit).

Merry Christmas

Richard Hills

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