[BLML] The Monty Hall trap [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Thomas Dehn blml at arcor.de
Fri Dec 10 06:13:36 CET 2010

richard.hills at immi.gov.au wrote:
> Thomas Dehn:
> >>>...thus you cannot afford to be too cautious in the part
> >>>score battle...
> Richard Hills:
> Many blmlers have this slavish assumption that the bidding
> system of a partnership is God.  So when such a blmler is a
> Director, she therefore misinterprets Law 16B1(b):
> " ... using the methods of the partnership ... "
> to mean that a logical alternative cannot incorporate the
> possibility that a player has intentionally violated or
> unintentionally forgotten the methods of the partnership.

Of course you can do either. 
I pass forcing bids once in a while.  
Lets say one forcing bid passed in 2000 hands. 

You are free to put all
your own eggs into one basket and bet that your
national championship caliber opponent has
forgotten a very basic sequence.

However, when you do that, you are bidding your own
hand rather than directing. Surely in the case of
considering a passing a forcing bid not passing
it is a logical alternative.


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