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richard.hills at immi.gov.au richard.hills at immi.gov.au
Thu Dec 9 00:36:29 CET 2010

The opponents are playing the Symmetric Relay system.

Imps, Knockout Teams
Dlr: North
Vul: East-West

The bidding has gone:

Ali       NORTH     Hills     SOUTH
---       Pass      1D(1)     Pass
1H(2)     Pass      2C(3)     Pass
2D(4)     Pass      Pass      ?

(1) 10-14 hcp, unbalanced with 2 or 3 suits, usually
denies a 5-card major (exception, could be 5/5 in
both majors), may or may not hold either or both 4-card
majors, could hold as few as zero diamonds.

(2) Two-way bid.  Either less than game-forcing with a
heart suit (promising a minimum of 5 or 6 hcp), or the
first step in an artificial game force relay.

(3) Shows exactly 4 diamonds, and at least 5 clubs.

(4) Signoff.  Heart suit + diamond preference.

You, South, hold:


What call do you select?

Alain Gottcheiner:

>>AG : the question should only be asked to that player's
>>peers, i.e. those who would not overcall 1S (or more)
>>at green. Are there any on blml ?

Thomas Dehn:

>2S. Automatic.
>And yes, I am fine with S's pass over 1D.

Alain Gottcheiner:

>>But I guess that they would bid 2S, expecting partner
>>not to hold umpteen hearts, as he has some values and
>>didn't open, not even a weak 2-bid, and therefore some
>>amount of fit in spades (3514 perhaps). The benefit of
>>pushing them to 3D, failing because of the bad breaks,
>>or of making 3S aren't to be scoffed at.

Richard Hills:

I do scoff at those benefits.  In my opinion, Zone 1 and
Zone 2 semi-experts play way too much matchpoint pairs.
This distorts their competitive bidding judgement, so
they then undertake way too many balances of 2S at imped
knockout teams.

"Diamond preference" is not the same as "diamond fit", so
North-South do not necessarily have a consequential spade
fit.  At matchpoint pairs converting -130 into -800 on a
misfit deal is merely converting an average score to a
zero score on a single board.  At imped knockout teams it
is wild or gambling, converting the entire match from won
to lost.

Alain Gottcheiner:

>>Do you want me to consider passing because they might
>>have had a misunderstanding ?


6th July 2004

Pawel Szymonik:

Pass. Opponents misunderstanding seems obvious to me. West
bid of 2Dia was probably intended as next relay. And if
North really passed his 12 count we still dont have a
guarantee of making 2Spa.


Richard Hills:

We have a winner!  The complete deal was ->

QT965                          4
AQT2                           J63
AJ                             Q732
K6                             AQJT2

Ali                 Hills
---       Pass      1D        Pass
1H        Pass      2C        Pass
2D (1)    Pass      Pass      2S
X  (2)    Pass      3D        Pass
3NT(3)    Pass      Pass      Pass

(1) Pard forgot that 2S (not 2D) was relay.

(2) Penalty double.

(3) At this point in the auction, I alerted the opponents
    to the fact that partner had forgotten the system.
    South was unimpressed both with my pard, and with her
    own marginal balancing bid.  The Hills Theory of
    Balancing - "Don't" - strikes again!

This was a Canberra Bridge Club event.  My partnership and
my opponents had been regular attendees at this club for
donkey's years.

The opponents sportingly did not summon the Director,
since they knew that my regular partner and I had been
playing Symmetric Relay for a decade-and-a-half, and that
this was a rare careless stuffup in our well-practised
bonkers system.

As well as accurately describing my system as bonkers,
John (MadDog) Probst wrote (in the earlier thread
"Penalised for not knowing your system"):

      It is my opinion that to forget your system
      is insulting to your opponents. It spoils
      their enjoyment. it is an offence against
      the proprieties. I can issue a DP, but not
      a PP.

      My favourite DP was to Robert Proops who
      was being particularly noisy so I read him
      the bit about following all reasonable
      requests of the TD and then told him to
      "Drop dead".  "Seems reasonable" he said :)

My partnership's stuffup gave the opponents a chance of
enjoyably watching us play a cold game in a partscore.  If
MadDog was the Canberra TD, would he really inflict a DP on
our partnership?  Or would he simply suggest that our
partnership buy the opponents a beer?


7th July 2004

John (MadDog) Probst:

I'd write you up in the psyche book, I think. There is no
basis at all for a PP but I'd do a DP ruling. My ruling is
as follows:

"The 2S bidder is to buy his partner a drink for the
lunatic balancing action. The 2D bidder is to buy the 2S
bidder a drink for letting him back into the auction. RJH
is to buy his partner a drink as the stress of playing with
RJH is clearly sending the man demented. The partner of the
2S bidder is to buy the TD a drink because it's all his
fault (a general catch-all, where DP's are concerned). The
TD is to buy RJH a drink for providing the best
entertainment of the evening. The rest of the room is to
stop giggling or I'll issue some more DP's."

I tell you DP's can be exacted in any form, they're far
better than PP's. I charge a pint of bitter to people who
throw their bidding box on the floor, gravely citing 91 as
my justification.

John (MadDog) Probst|      . !     -^-  |AIM GLChienFou
451 Mile End Road   |     /|__.    \:/  |BCLive ChienFou
London E3 4PA       |    / @ __)   -|-  |john at asimere.com
+44-(0)20 8983 5818 |   /\   --^    |   |www.asimere.com/~john

Merry Christmas,

Richard Hills

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