[BLML] Opening lead

gampas at aol.com gampas at aol.com
Wed Dec 8 18:19:06 CET 2010

[Roger Eymard]
I would appreciate your opinions on the following case :
Bidding (pairs, without screen) :
S      W       N      E
pass  pass   1NT   pass
3NT   all pass

NS plays 1 NT 15 -17, with usual Stayman and transfers.

East is on lead with :
S : A985
H : 97654
D : 93
C : J10

What would you lead ?
What other lead would you consider ?

[Paul Lamford]
I tried to do a simulation on what was right and it was very close 
between a heart and a spade. It was too close to call at MPs. If 
partner hesitates before passing it out, he can only be thinking of 
doubling, and will probably have a weak two in clubs. If we are playing 
a weak two diamonds, then he cannot have been thinking of doubling 
based on diamonds. So, a PP for a club or a diamond, and neither a 
heart or spade are demonstrably suggested by anything, Now if partner 
has four fingers holding his cards, I think you have to lead a spade; 
three is normal, so you can choose either, and the ungainly two should 
cause you to lead a a heart.

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