[BLML] The Monty Hall trap [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

Thomas Dehn blml at arcor.de
Tue Dec 7 13:18:35 CET 2010

richard.hills at immi.gov.au wrote:
> Alain Gottcheiner:
> >>AG : I don't get it. North has decided to bid 1NT on only
> >>half a stopper, thinking that it wouldn't be a major problem
> >>if EW cashed 4 heart tricks (the most probable number), and
> >>that he could reconsider if LHO bid hearts. This is a
> >>reasonable decision, not system.
> >>
> >>And BTW, when 1NT bids mean "I want to play in 1NT", what is
> >>alertable ?
> Thomas Dehn:
> >A partnership agreement to rebid 1NT with no heart stopper
> >rather than pass.
> >
> >Again, this depends on local alert regulations and it might
> >well be not alertable where you play. In Germany, if there is
> >a partnership agreement to bid NT without a stopper in
> >opponents' suit, the 1NT bid has to be alerted.
> Richard Hills:
> In Australia the Alert requirements are:
> (a) 1NT overcall in the direct seat with no stopper = Alert!
> (b) 1NT overcall in the balancing seat with no stopper = schtum
> (c) 1NT rebid after RHO's double holding one of two stoppers???

I understood the double here as promising four or more hearts, but
not clubs. I.e., only one suit to stop, albeit likely a four
card suit rather than a five card suit.


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