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I was referring to the following line from Marvin:

Also, such serious error means no redress for the NOS, never partial
redress. In the subject example, the cost of the revoke was 980 + 50 (if no
revoke) = 1030. Had the NOS been deprived of a 1430 contract by the illegal
6S bid, they would still retain the -980, and not get 1430-1030 = 400.

Here he takes a potential outcome(1430) subtracts the cost of a
mistake(1030) and arrives at a score of 400.

This is total point scoring. Should a director ever decide to subtract the
cost of the mistake from a potential score he should do the following:

Let V() be the function that computes the value of a score(in matchpoint
scoring the percentage, in teams the IMPs, whatever), and a pair could have
scored 1430, but their opponents illegally ended up in a contract that
should score them 50, but due to a serious mistake scores -980. Then the
director should assign V(1430)-(V(50)-V(-980)), so the value of their due
score minus the damage they did to themselves. Removing parentheses this is
V(1430)-V(50)+V(-980) which is surely not the same as V(1430-50-980)=V(400).

There is an extra complication in computing since it is not always possible
to look up V(1430) since it might not be on the frequency table but I leave
this as an exercise to the reader.

The reason I reacted at all is that Marvin has made this point more often,
so I feared that people might use it. I wanted to make the counter-point and
explain how this is done at international level at least, and should be


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>Please remember you are the only one that uses total point
>scoring in giving adjusted scores in a pairs tournament.
>The rest of the world adds and subtracts percentages (or
>IMPS in teams).

I do not understand; Marvin French is not the only one.  For
any Assigned Adjusted Score it is standard in Australia for
a Director to calculate a total point score (or scores, for
a split and/or weighted adjustment) _en route_ to a _later_
award of a matchpoint percentage or imp variation.

Only for Artificial Adjusted Scores do Australian Directors
proceed _directly_ to percentages or imps.

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