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Thu Dec 2 23:33:28 CET 2010

Tony Musgrove:

>>Let us suppose that East saw the alert and realised that it
>>meant that North had either spades, or the minors.  East was
>>intending to bid spades in any case but wished to let his
>>partner know (belatedly) what the alert was about.

Sven Pran:

>That I would take as an insinuation of deliberate communication
>between partners, a serious violation of Law 73.

Tony Musgrove:

>>South says "its too late, you've already bid".

Richard Hills:

Even if East had asked a timely question about the alert, the
question would still be an unLawful question if East already
knew the correct answer.

Law 20G1:

"It is improper to ask a question solely for partner's benefit."


Harald Skjæran:

>>Most players alert by knocking the table.

Jeff Easterson:

>In the local club with one partner I use a system that is
>relatively unknown here.  (Everything is unknown here except
>the standard French system.)  When alerting I tap the alert
>card a few times on the tray so that there is an acoustic
>signal as well.  I then wave the alert card in front of each
>opponent.  They are puzzled and bemused but they always notice
>the alert.  Ciao,  JE

Richard Hills:

As correctly stated by David Burn, the purpose of an Alert
regulation is not to narrowly obey the Alert regulation; rather
the purpose is to inform the opponents.  So Jeff's irregular
protocol does not damage the opponents, but Harald's "most
players" might damage a slightly deaf opponent.  If such damage
occurred, then applicable is the final sentence of Law 21B1(a):

"Failure to alert promptly where an alert is required by the
Regulating Authority is deemed misinformation."

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