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Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Thu Dec 2 11:26:40 CET 2010

Le 2/12/2010 11:11, Nigel Guthrie a écrit :
> [Sven Pran]
> Our regulation states explicitly that it is the responsibility of the
> alerter to make sure opponents notice his alert, so a Norwegian director
> would most likely allow East to replace his 1S call without much ado. Only
> if the alert was made in the "safe" and recommended way: By placing the
> alert card immediately on top of the alerted call (we use bid cards in
> Norway) will the director obviously rule inattention by East.
> [Nigel]
> An excellent protocol! I hope the next edition of the law-book (in 2018 or
> whenever)
> includes as *law*, most of what is now delegated as *local regulation*. This
> would help promulgate sensible bidding-box regulations. For example, the laws
> should stipulate Sven's Norwegian alert protocol and the EBU stop-card protocol.
> Such new laws could be *defaults* that bolshy chauvinistic local-legislators
> could over-ride with local-regulations for local-people.
Good way to do it behind screens. However, having to place your alert 
card over the bid at the other side of the table would be more difficult 
- expecially if you have to do it quickly enough to avoid any bid by 
RHO. It occurred more than once that I _said _"Alert" because I was 
sorting my cards and would have been too slow to reach for the Alert card.
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