[BLML] Misinformation and UI - Law 16B opinions?

Harald Skjæran harald.skjaran at gmail.com
Mon Dec 28 15:48:44 CET 2009

2009/12/28 Herman De Wael <Hermandw at skynet.be>:
> I agree with the answer I've read from Hans. A player is allowed to know
> (AI) that he has not clearly agreed with partner is system is on or not.
> Then, when a 1NT opener passes a transfer, it is far more likely that he
> has a different idea than that he has a hand that plays better in
> diamonds. So 2H must be permissable.
Well, yes, maybe. I agree partly. However, if your partner alerted and
passed your transfer, you'd most probably pass 2Dx. At least with five
small. So I'm not really comfortable with permitting 2H here. At least
not on all hands that would transfer.

This would also depend on your  partners 1NT opening style. If he
often opens 1NT on 3262 (not to mention 3163) and a decent suit, this
might have to be taken into account - depending upon how well you know
your partners style (it wasn't a regular partnership).'

Kind regards,
Harald Skjæran

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