[BLML] Misinformation and UI - Law 16B opinions?

Hans van Staveren sater at xs4all.nl
Mon Dec 28 11:01:05 CET 2009

Ok. You bid 2D, as a transfer to H, and your partner passes. Now either he
misunderstood, or he is extremely clever, and is sure that 2D will still
play better.
My partner can go and play 3D for all I care. My intention was to play 2H,
and if he does not want to bid it I will.

There must be a limit somewhere to the cleverness of it all.

Happy New year to all of you.


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I had an interesting situation in a tournament for pairs yesterday and would
like some opinions:

The auction began: 
1NT - X - 2D - Pass
Pass - X - 2H 

2D was intended as transfer to hearts but was not alerted. Opener thought
that the system was "off" after an intervening double, responder thought
that the system was on. 

The partnership was occasional so this mistake was understandable. No actual
partnership understanding on this situation was clarified at the time. (I
don't know what they agreed upon for the rest of the event.)

If I rule that the partnership understanding is "system is on" the responder
is obviously allowed to "rescue" into 2H regardless of the UI he has from
the missing alert, otherwise he is awakened by the missing alert and the 2H
bid is not permissible as being demonstrably suggested by this UI.

Responder had an almost valueless hand with five small hearts and two or
three small diamonds.

In the actual situation opponents eventually made a clean top (match points)
from ending in 4S making 5 so I had an easy ruling: "No damage", but I shall
appreciate opinions: Does this situation warrants an adjustment  to 2D X
with -800 as a likely result or should responder be allowed to bid 2H
anyway? With IMP scoring this question is still very relevant.

Note: This is NOT a question of misinformation to opponents; it is a
question on Law 16B

Regards Sven


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