[BLML] 12A1 case or not?

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 In principle it looks like a typical 12A1 case to me. Declarer violated
 L74C8. There is no specific rectification for violating this particular
 law this case seems to be covered by L12A1. The only problem that I have
 is that L12A1 is not a law of the "could have" type. It simply says that
 "The Director may award an adjusted score when he judges that these Laws
 do not provide indemnity to a non-offending contestant for the
 particular type of violation committed by an opponent."
+=+ So it hinges on the interpretation of 'indemnity'. It is true
that the dictionary states "compensation for loss or injury". But
it also defines the word as "security from damage or loss".
I consider this definition to be sufficient to cover protection
from  losses of all kinds including intangible losses.
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