[BLML] 12A1 case or not?

Alain Gottcheiner agot at ulb.ac.be
Tue Dec 22 17:21:30 CET 2009

Konrad Ciborowski a écrit :
> Hi,
> Here is a case from the final of the Grand Prix Of Poland cycle.
> The level of the field is about as high as you get in this country,
> 16 top pairs who vied for qualification all year.
> The players involved in this incident are experts, First
> Division level though none of them has ever played on the
> national team.
> Matchpoints. Future declarer opens 14-16 1NT with a nice 16 count.
> Everyone passes and partner tables an 8 count. Few pairs play
> 1NT 14-16 in Poland so it looks that everyone else is in 3NT;
> dummy will invite game opposite 15-17 and opener
> will probably accept.
> The 3NT contract hinges on the diamond suit where you
> have 9 cards withouth the queen.
> In the middle of the play it dawns on declarer that the previous
> hand might have been miscored. He stands up to talk to
> his partner about the score of the previous board (screens
> are used so it is easier to speak when you stand) then
> sits down and the play of the current hand resumes. Declarer
> gets the diamonds right by finessing on the second round
> of the suit.
> The opponents object that declarer could have seen his screenmate's
> hand when he suddenly and unexpectadly stood up.
And ... do they mean dummy had made some signs after seeing their hands, 
"spotscars" style ?
Because I don't see what else could be problematic with being able to 
see dummy's hands.

If this is the case, it's a more serious offense than just L12.
If not, what's the heck ?

BTW, it looks like, if everybody was in 3NT, declarer's score doesn't 
depend from his handling of diamonds.
If you correct 150 to 120, few matchpoints will change hands.

Best regards


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