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"He that is of a merry heart
 hath a continual feast."
                 ~ Proverbs 15:15
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A verse is formally a single line in a metrical
composition, e.g. poetry. However, the word
has come to represent any division or grouping
of words in such a composition, which traditionally
had been referred to as a stanza.  (Wikipedia)
And in music the verse is the portion of a lyric
other than the chorus, thereby inferring a group
of metrically aligned lines which often rhyme. So
as usual DALB is right, but! Merry Christmas to
+=+ Verses Nine through Twenty-One,
        Wisdom spun and malice none,
        As for use of 'stanza', 'verse',
        How does this affect our purse?
        May we not this feasting round
        Emphasize the Merry sound:
        Children's joy as happy feet
        Innocently run to greet
        Generations old and grey
        On the cusp of Christmas Day?  +=+

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