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Mon Dec 21 23:48:00 CET 2009

Tom Lehrer's Christmas Carol, third verse:

Relations sparing no expense will
Buy some old-fashioned utensil
Or a matching pen and pencil
"Just what I wanted, how nice"
It doesn't matter how sincere it
Is or how heartfelt the spirit
Sentiment will not endear it
What's important is the price

Herman De Wael asserted:

>..."pseudo-psyches are misinformation". Everyone knows what that
>means, and everyone knows it is not a strong infraction...

2007 Introduction:

"...'must' do (the strongest word, a serious matter indeed)..."

2007 Law 20F4, first sentence:

"If a player subsequently realizes that his own explanation was
erroneous or incomplete he _must_ call the Director immediately."

Season's greetings

Richard James Hills

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