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Herman De Wael:

[big snip]

>Using words like that might trigger in them the feeling that psyches
>are somehow scorned upon.
>I believe I am right in calling Richard to order for that reason.

Richard Hills:

Psyches are Lawful.  Pseudo-psyches are unLawful (but pseudo-psyches
are usually unintentionally unLawful, hence usually merely MI rather
than "gravest possible offence").

The problem is that the popular (and inaccurate) definition of "psyche"
encompasses true psyches and some pseudo-psyches, hence it is the
popular (and inaccurate) definition of "psyche" that triggers the
feeling that psyches ought to be scorned upon.

Under the 1997 Lawbook, blml had many pointless threads endlessly
discussing so-called "psyches" when the debaters were using different
definitions of what a "psyche" was.  For example, John (MadDog) Probst
has an admirable commitment to full disclosure, but under MadDog's
idiosyncratic (and inaccurate) definition of "psyche" it was possible
for a "psyche" to be alerted and explained in MadDog's partnerships.

The 2007 Law 40C resolves the 1997 "psyche" definitional conundrum.
The heading of Law 40C is "Deviation from System and Psychic Action",
but the word "psyche" is carefully avoided in the body of Law 40C1:

"A player may deviate from his side's announced understandings always
provided that his partner has no more reason to be aware of the
deviation than have the opponents. Repeated deviations lead to
implicit understandings which then form part of the partnership's
methods and must be disclosed in accordance with the regulations
governing disclosure of system. If the Director judges there is
undisclosed knowledge that has damaged the opponents he shall adjust
the score and may award a procedural penalty."

Monty Python and the Holy Grail:

"Fetchez la vache!"

Herman De Wael:

>I don't understand this joke. Sorry.
>Best wishes for holidays and new year!

Richard Hills:

And there is no better way of spending Christmas Eve than by watching
(as I will) the DVD of "Monty Python's Life of Brian".

Season's greetings

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