[BLML] What if I lied? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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> +=+ I am not getting the point. Is this a word ever used
> in the laws? Is it suggested it might have been? Where are
> these exchanges going?                    ~ G ~   +=+
AG : surely it might have been.
The wording of L73 (old & new), for example, makes it
obvious that one was very careful to avoid printing that
word where it would have been fit but un-PC.
+=+ (Grattan)
        I think this understates the subject. Not only do the
laws of the game avoid use of the word. They avoid any
accusation of such intent. Any question of that order that
may arise is left to the By-Laws of Regulating Authorities
       Differences in the applicable national laws dealing
with defamation present traps to be avoided.    +=+

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