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Hmm - I had planned to modify my original conditions  towards the ones described by Hans-Olof  (the hand that triggered my curiosity) 
Sadly he spoiled my plans, mistakenly thinking I was bringing up a real hand; I intended to find out if there would be different views on when 5H was the only logical alternative (if at all), and if 5S would ever be considered gambling. 
So, would 3424 shape instead of 3433 make 5H more attractive? 
Would 3523 make 5H the only logical bid? Or must he have six hearts?
Would QJTxx,-,AKxxx, J8x make 5S a less "braindead" bid (as it was actually described by some less objective players)
Rob suggests an adjusted score where 5H doubled would be an ingredient. I wildly disagree. How could 5HD ever come into the picture. Either 5H is allowed, and then 5S was bid, OR we don´t allow 5H, and then 4S doubled would be played. 
And to avoid confusion: My honesty or lack thereof has nothing to do with it; I was not there at all. But you guys were. I did write You hold etc. ....Ah, the heading might have misled you. Ought to be What if you lied. My sincere apologies.

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[Hans-Olof Hallén]
I am sorry that P O Sundelin has not told you the truth.

1. Opener did not deny a strong holding. They do not play strong club, so opener could up to 21 points.

2. Opener has promised 5+ hearts.

3. The 5 spader bidder has Q J 10 7 6 - void - A K 6 4 2 - J 8 6.

4. The psycher has 9 5 2 - 10 7 6 5 - 10 3 - 7 5 4 2.

The director accepted the 5 heart bid but the Law´s Commission did not.

Is it so bad that pass on 4 spades doubled is an alternative?
Not as far as I am concerned. I fully understand Per-Olof’s position, he psyched, so pass on 4 Spades doubled is not a logical alternative. I don’t believe we will find any player of the standing of Per-Olof and Hans-Olof that would even for one second consider to pass. The only aspect might be that Hans-Olof when confronted with a partner pulling the double may realise that Per-Olof has psyched. Probably he should now alert the 5H and explain that a psyche was possible. Hence why an adjusted score may be considered, based on a certain percentage of 5H doubled and the remainder for the table result….
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