[BLML] What if I lied

Rob Bosman rgtjbos at xs4all.nl
Thu Dec 17 08:39:37 CET 2009

[Hans-Olof Hallén]
I am sorry that P O Sundelin has not told you the truth.

1. Opener did not deny a strong holding. They do not play strong club, so
opener could up to 21 points.

2. Opener has promised 5+ hearts.

3. The 5 spader bidder has Q J 10 7 6 - void - A K 6 4 2 - J 8 6.

4. The psycher has 9 5 2 - 10 7 6 5 - 10 3 - 7 5 4 2.

The director accepted the 5 heart bid but the Law´s Commission did not.

Is it so bad that pass on 4 spades doubled is an alternative?



Not as far as I am concerned. I fully understand Per-Olof’s position, he
psyched, so pass on 4 Spades doubled is not a logical alternative. I don’t
believe we will find any player of the standing of Per-Olof and Hans-Olof
that would even for one second consider to pass. The only aspect might be
that Hans-Olof when confronted with a partner pulling the double may realise
that Per-Olof has psyched. Probably he should now alert the 5H and explain
that a psyche was possible. Hence why an adjusted score may be considered,
based on a certain percentage of 5H doubled and the remainder for the table

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