[BLML] can a trump be a minor penalty card?

Eric Landau ehaa at starpower.net
Wed Dec 16 22:28:11 CET 2009

On Dec 16, 2009, at 1:23 PM, David Babcock wrote:

> Can a trump ever be a minor penalty card in ACBL-land?

Sure; why not?  Whether a penalty card is major or minor is  
controlled by L50B, which does not mention trumps, nor contain  
anything to suggest distinguishing them.

> A club member
> and director who is usually knowledgeable says a trump can never be a
> minor penalty card.  I cannot confirm his view from TFLB, nor from  
> or ACBLLC minutes since the current Laws took effect.

If you have the lawbook in a searchable version, you can determine  
that it contains no reference to "trump" in any relevant law, save in  
L50D1(a), which applies "whether in leading, following suit,  
discarding or trumping".

> Am I missing
> something, or is my colleague misunderstanding something?
> I received a good answer to this on r.g.b., but it was from someone in
> another national organization, and I hope to have something I can  
> wield
> more convincingly in regard to ACBL-land.

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