[BLML] What if I lied?

Thomas Dehn blml at arcor.de
Wed Dec 16 12:35:12 CET 2009


PO Sundelin <posundelin at yahoo.se> wrote:
> Not vul against vul partner opens 1 heart promising 4+ and denying a strong
> club.
> Next hand doubles and you try to muddle the waters by bidding 1NT holding
> xxx,Txxx,xxx,xxx
> It goes 4spades, double, pass. Back to you.
> Well, partner broke tempo before doubling.
> It seems clear that your original plan was to return (run) to hearts if you
> had to. How barred can you become by partner´s tempo break.

You are not "barred" because of partner's tempo break. For example, if partner
shows his S AKQJ before doubling, then you might
have to bid 5H. You shouldbend over backwards to avoid using the UI. 
> Question 1
> Is this the kind of UI that forbids you to choose among logical
> alternatives..? You have misled partner about points and heart length.
> Should that be taken in account? 

You have both UI and AI.
The fact that you psyched 1NT is AI.
The fact that you hold three small spades and thus
partner likely has a singleton, and at most a doubleton spade is AI.
The fact that you have four hearts which is negative defense for
any H tricks partner might have is AI.
The fact that partner's 1H opener is limited is AI.

Without the hesitation, given the AI you have, I would deem 4S
a heavy favorite to make despite partner's double. The hesitation
makes it slightly more likely that 4SX will make.

However, that does not imply that the UI "demonstrably" suggests
bidding 5H over passing 4SX. 

Without the hesitation, I would expect 4S double to cost -790, maybe -990
and 5HX to cost -800, maybe -500, maybe -1100. They might even redouble 4S. 
If I bid 5H, they might bid 5S, or forget to double 5H.

At IMPs, I would consider passing 4S, but would bid 5H.
I think that passing 4S is an LA at IMPs, but that in this hand the
little bit of extra the UI provides over the existing AI
is not sufficient to rule that the UI "demonstrably" suggests
bidding 5H over passing 4SX. The UI does not indicate whether
5HX goes for -500 or less. Nor does it indicate whether
opponents will let you off the hook if you run to 5H.


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