[BLML] What if I lied?

Jack Rhind jrhind at therock.bm
Wed Dec 16 01:36:22 CET 2009

Hi PO,

This one is somewhat like asking if one wants to be   1. Shot   or   2.
Boiled in oil?

Question 1: IMHO I do not think the break in tempo bars you since you will
probably not want to stand 4S* anyway.
Whether 5H will fare much better is another issue but I would permit your
hand to bid again. In my view, your hand is not using UI.

Question 2: I would allow the table result to stand.

Happy holidays to all,

Jack Rhind

On 12/15/09 7:56 PM, "PO Sundelin" <posundelin at yahoo.se> wrote:

>> Not vul against vul partner opens 1 heart promising 4+ and denying a strong
>> club.
>> Next hand doubles and you try to muddle the waters by bidding 1NT holding
>> xxx,Txxx,xxx,xxx
>> It goes 4spades, double, pass. Back to you.
>> Well, partner broke tempo before doubling.
>> It seems clear that your original plan was to return (run) to hearts if you
>> had to. How barred can you become by partner´s tempo break.
>> Question 1
>> Is this the kind of UI that forbids you to choose among logical
>> alternatives..? You have misled partner about points and heart length. Should
>> that be taken in account?
>> Question 2
>> Over your 5 hearts the 4spade bidder bid 5 spades (with Jxxxx,-,AKxxx, Jxx)
>> and went one down, then did not call the TD. But his partner did.
>> 5 hearts was not in itself a winning decision as it would have been doubled
>> and gone for 800.
>> Rule, please.
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