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Malcolm Gladwell, Blink, pages 245-248:

There were thirty-three candidates, and each played behind a
screen, making them invisible to the selection committee.


so for the sake of fairness, the Philharmonic decided to make
the first round of auditions blind.  Conant was number
sixteen.  She played Ferdinand David's Konzertino for
Trombone, which is the warhorse audition piece in Germany


After she left the audition room, the Philharmonic's music
director, Sergiu Celibidache, cried out, "That's who we want!"


when she stepped out from behind the screen she heard the
Bavarian equivalent of whoa.  "Was ist'n des?  Sacra di!  Meine
Goetter!  Um Gottes willen!"  They were expecting Herr Conant.
This was Frau Conant.


The Munich Philharmonic had one or two women on the violin and
oboe.  But those were "feminine" instruments.  The trombone is


Conant had no choice but to take the case to court.


But then another round of battles began - that would last
another five years - because the orchestra refused to pay her on
a par with her male colleagues.  She won, again.  She prevailed
on every charge, and she prevailed because she could mount an
argument that the Munich Philharmonic could not rebut.  Sergiu
Celibidache, the man complaining about her ability, had listened
to her play Ferdinand David's Konzertino for Trombone under
conditions of perfect objectivity, and in that unbiased moment
he had said, "That's who we want!" and sent the remaining
trombonists packing.  Abbie Conant was saved by the screen.

Matchpoint pairs
Dlr: East
Vul: North-South

The bidding has gone:

---       ---       1D        2C
2D        2S (1)    Pass      Pass
3D        Pass      Pass      ?

(1) non-forcing but "constructive" (not a game-invite - unless
overcaller has a good fit - but neither a drop-dead potential

You, South, hold:


What call do you make?
What other calls do you consider making?

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