[BLML] Weighted Score adjustment. [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

David Burn dalburn at btopenworld.com
Tue Dec 1 21:00:04 CET 2009


"The objective of score adjustment is to **redress damage** to a
non-offending side and to **take away any advantage** gained by an offending
side **through its infraction**."


Indeed. One of the cases in point seems to be this:

West has UI suggesting a club lead, so he leads one and is minus 420 when if
he had led anything else he would be minus 480. Well, if there is some
logical alternative to a club lead West is minus 480 anyway - we take away
the advantage he gains from his infraction.

But his opponents are not necessarily plus 480 - if without UI West would
have led a club with probability x%, North-South get x% of plus 420 and
(100-x)% of plus 480.

Now, all of this is entirely consistent with both L12B1 and Reveley rulings.
The notion is that cheats are no better off than they would have been under
the previous Laws, but non-offenders do not get a windfall just because they
happened to be playing against cheats - they get their expectation, or
"equity", on the board had they been playing against honest people.  It's
still stupid, but it's not illegal. 

David Burn
London, England

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