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William ("Kojak") Schoder:

>It's strange that anybody can say "ergo" and then come to any silly
>conclusion they want to.  I don't follow Mr. Hills' conclusions,
>which I find ridiculous, were perhaps meant to be humorous.
>(a) The WBFLC does not exceed its remit when it states what the
>words of the Law mean. Since this power is theirs, they can't by
>any logic by found to 'contradict' the Laws.


Richard Hills:

The initial 2007 Law 26 (Insufficient Bid) proved unsatisfactory in
practice.  The WBF Laws Committee could have exceeded its remit by
interpreting "black" as "white".  But instead the WBF Drafting
Committee was fully within its remit by rewording the 2008 Law 26 to
replace "black" with "white".

Similarly, if guidance is not yet available from World, Zonal,
Australian or Canberran Regulating Authorities, then as a Director
of a session at the South Canberra Bridge Club I am empowered by Law
81C2 to "...interpret these Laws...".

But as a Director I am not empowered to state that "black" equals
"white", since I am also constrained by Law 81B1 to be "...bound by,
these Laws...".

Many years ago, when the silly, ridiculous and humorous 1997 Law 25B
was in effect, the WBF Laws Committee published a "black = white"
interpretation to ameliorate the silly, ridiculous and humorous 1997
Law 25B's outcomes.  But after the ABF and other NBOs complained
that the WBF LC interpretation was contrary to the actual words of
the silly, ridiculous and humorous 1997 Law 25B, the WBF LC chose to
retract its unLawful interpretation at its next meeting.

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