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" But which was which he could never make out,
  Despite his best endeavour,
  Of that there was no shadow of doubt,
 No probable, possible shadow of doubt,
  No possible doubt whatever."
                           Sir W.S.Gilbert.
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> Rest assured Grattan, that in the case in question, relevance
> was not in doubt. Anyway, why do you defend a Beijing
> declaration that does not speak of relevance, by defending
> the resulting ruling on the basis of relevance? If the questions
> were irrelevant in the first place, you don't need the Beijing
> decision to rule the question illegal. So please consider that
> they are relevant, and then tell us why the WBFLC choses
> to decide as it did?
> Herman.
+=+ Herman, I fail to understand what "Beijing decision" you
mean.  Please be specific in quoting the WBFLC words that
you have in mind.
        For the rest, I may explain a WBFLC statement; the
committee does not ask me to "defend" its decisions.
                                        ~ Grattan ~  +=+ 

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