[BLML] Definitions = some opinions.

Marvin L French mfrench1 at san.rr.com
Tue Aug 11 07:04:45 CEST 2009

Nigel Guthrie wrote:
>> Eric says "TFLB serves primarily as a technical manual for 
>> TDs...".
>> I hope
>> that most BLMLers agree with my hope that, in future, TFLB can be 
>> made
>> simple enough for ordinary players to understand it and to comply
>> with it.

> Well, making it simple enough for ordinary game directors and 
> appeals
> committee members to understand it and to comply with it would be 
> a
> pretty good start in the right direction.

Larry R. Harris, with the help of Technical Advisor Gary S. Zeiger 
(high-level ACBL TD) has made a good effort in that direction. The 
title is Laws of Duplicate Bridge Through the Eyes of the Player, 
published by Baron Barclay Bridge Supply www.baronbarclay.com. 

It is very well-formatted, with funny cartoons, helpful sidebars, a 
few flow charts, and other good things.

I was disappointed, however, in seeing that it constitutes not only 
a rule book for players, but also for TDs. There is no need for 
players to know what the TD is supposed to do to "rectify" an 
irregularity. Someone makes an insufficient bid?  Define that and 
then end with an instruction to call the TD  instead of devoting two 
large pages to this complicated subject. There are some rulings 
included that are questionable,  IMO.

An Alert Matrix is included, taking up four large pages.  It's 
better than the ACBL version, that's all I will say as I haven't 
studied it.

The book ends with three great sections:

(1) A self-appraisal quiz on the contents of the book

(2)  "Wacky Wordies"--73 graphics expressing 73 common bridge terms 
as visual puzzles. For instance "ton" alone in a box is what? A 
simpleton? No, a singleton. Lotsa fun

(3) Full-page descriptions of nine unattractive TDs and one good 
one: Commentator (who talks too much); Rottentater (scuzzy); 
Dictator (mean know-it-all); Potentater (self-important ); Hesitater 
(do-nothing); Cheapskater (obvious from the name); Spectator 
(incompetent); Agitator (big mouth); Imitator (hates rectifying); 
and Facilitator (the ideal TD)

Marvin L French
San Diego, CA

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