[BLML] Misinformation and UI?

Sven Pran svenpran at online.no
Sun Aug 9 15:38:19 CEST 2009

 On Behalf Of Robert Frick
> On Sun, 09 Aug 2009 07:46:28 -0400, Sven Pran <svenpran at online.no> wrote:
> > My general position is that any information I receive from what
> > opponents do or doesn't do is authorized for me and my partner so long
> > as it is not a consequence (whether direct or indirect) of an
> > irregularity committed by my partner or me.
> Hi Sven. That's an interesting position. What if...
> 1. You give a wrong explanation of partner's bid, that causes the
opponents to
> look at your convention card, and their looking at the convention card
causes you
> to wake up to the fact that you made a wrong bid?

That would of course be information received from something opponents did as
a consequence of me giving misinformation, i.e. an irregularity committed by

> 2. You are playing in a team game, the boards were played at the other
table, and
> your cards come sorted in the order that they were played. Can you use
> information?

Yes, of course - at my own risk.
As I never know why the cards were sorted I never chance using this
"information" for any purpose.
> It's just a technical detail, but you need the exception of seeing how the
> arrange their cards.

 Regards Sven

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