[BLML] Minute improvement

Nigel Guthrie nigelguthrie at yahoo.co.uk
Fri Aug 7 14:56:41 CEST 2009

A little change in the way that the WBF publish legal disambiguations and 
corrections could increase public awareness:

Currently, the WBF publishes its "interpretations" in minutes but rigidly 
resists the idea of itself incorporating such changes into an up-to-date 
version of the law-book. As a result, few directors and hardly any players 
are aware of them.

The proposal is: as an *addendum* to each official minute, the WBF adds 
"clarified" versions of affected law(s).

This would allow any local legislature that could be bothered, to keep its 
own on-line version of the law-book up-to-date, by replacing relevant laws.

Hence, more directors and players would be aware of amendments. Ton Kooijman 
could also modify his examples to show how changes work in practice.

This would be small enhancement but not a complete solution. Like most 
players, I find some of the current laws too sophisticated to understand. 
However much I want to comply with them, no amount of "interpretation" is 
likely to help me. 

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