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Eric Landau complained:

>And the index just as misleading as the restored table of contents,
>if not more so.  "Auction" refers only to "DEFN" and then continues
>with "See also Auction period", while "Auction period" lists
>"Auction DEFN", with no other reference to "defined".  Nobody
>reading that without a law guru close at hand would have any reason
>to think that "auction" and "auction period" were anything other
>than synonyms.


Richard Hills self-serving comment:

The primary responsibility for the Index was mine, not the Drafting
Committee as a whole (the DC merely ratified my indexing after
checking for errors, while Eitan Levy helpfully found some errors
post-publication, which now have been corrected).  Ergo, Eric's
complaint should be directed to me, not the Drafting Committee.

And my self-serving belief is that Eric's complaint is invalid.
Here are the two relevant Index listings.

*Auction*                                                DEFN
   See also *Auction Period*

*Auction Period*                                         17
   Auction                                               DEFN
   Card exposed or led during                            24
   Cards taken from wrong board                          17D
   Clarification Period                                  22B1
   Commencement of auction                               DEFN
   Commencement of Auction Period                        17A
   End of auction                                        17E, 22A
   End of Auction Period                                 17E, 22B
   Explanation of calls during                           20F
   Procedure after                                       22B, 41
   Review, after final pass                              20C
   Review, before opening lead faced                     41B
   Review, during Auction Period                         20B
   Review, responded to by opponent                      20D
   Successive calls                                      17C

The primary topic of each Index grouping is in *bold*, with the
secondary topics non-bolded and also indented.  So it is clear
that the main information about *Auction* is in the Definitions
(DEFN), and it is also clear that the main information about
*Auction Period* is in Law 17.

Furthermore, a perusal of the *Auction Period* secondary topics

   Commencement of auction                               DEFN
   Commencement of Auction Period                        17A
   End of auction                                        17E, 22A
   End of Auction Period                                 17E, 22B

which would cause even the 2008 Republican vice-presidential
candidate to wonder whether "auction" and "Auction Period" were
two different concepts.

Unfortunately the ACBL has partially ruined the Index by
removing the bolding and unaligning the Law references (the ACBL
did, however, retain the indenting).

Best wishes

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