[BLML] Revoke from both defenders in the same trick

Martin Sinot Martin.Sinot at tridentmicro.com
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There were two players who did not follow suit when they were able to, so it seems there were two individual revokes, in this case in the same trick. By applying 64A2 twice, you get two one-trick rectifications, for two tricks if available. Nowhere is it said in the rules that only one person's revoke in a single trick is rectified.

Martin Sinot

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I have been asked how to rule when both defenders revoke in the same trick?
(A heart was played from declarer, LHO discarded a small spade, RHO
discarded a small club; they both still had hearts.)

Both revokes became established (it must have been a spirited game).

When laughter had finally ceased the players and the director began
wondering exactly what law to apply and whether the WBF minute about
multiple revokes on a board applies. 

Is this one revoke, two related revokes or two individual revokes? (In the
latter case the rectification is of course two tricks if available.)

I understand that they ruled a one trick revoke; I tend to agree, but we are
interested in comments.

regards Sven

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