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Cat Among the Pigeons (2008 movie):

Miss Bulstrode:  Thank you once again for coming.
Hercule Poirot:  De rien.
Miss Bulstrode:  The mayor is blaming his ulcers, but I suspect
                 foul play.
Hercule Poirot:  Comment?
Miss Bulstrode:  Arsenal versus Sheffield United; kick-off's at
                 three. I know here His Worship's loyalties lie.

Richard Hills:

I wrote "The official WBF Laws Committee majority interpretation
on how MI should be corrected...", but offlist a blmler requested
a citation.  Here it is ->

WBF Laws Committee minutes, 9th November 2003:

The committee considered the proposition that when there has been
misinformation and a damaged side is to receive and adjusted
score this should be assessed on the basis that the non-offending
side is entitled to know the partnership understanding and to
draw logical conclusions, given the information it received. The
adjusted score, the Chairman suggested, should be assessed on the
action likely to be taken by the non-offending side in the
circumstances. It was observed that if given the correct
information the partnership might or might not be aware that a
misunderstanding had occurred, depending on the situation. There
is, of course, the possibility of backing up the auction if
declarer or dummy corrects an explanation as [1997] Law 75D
requires (see also [1997] Law 21B).

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