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Agatha Christie, Cat Among the Pigeons:

"Everybody always knows something," said Adam.

David Burn:

[big snip]

>What I do mind very strongly is that cases are treated
>differently depending on random factors such as whether an
>offender knows and is prepared to abide by the Law...

Richard Hills:

The official WBF Laws Committee majority interpretation on how
MI should be corrected is that Law 40 applies, the MI is deemed
to have never occurred, and hence the opponents have not any non-
random entitlement to know that a bidding misunderstanding has
occurred, unless a ridiculous auction itself tells the opponents
that a wheel has fallen off.

An example of a wheel falling off from the "Sanity Klavs" thread:

Richard             Klavs
---       ---       ---       Pass
Pass      1NT(1)    2C  (2)   2D (3)
Pass      2H        Pass(4)   3D (5)
Pass      4H (6)    Pass(7)   5D
X (8)     Pass      Pass      Pass

(1) 12-14 hcp, balanced
(2) 9-14 hcp, unspecified single-suiter (Cappelletti convention)
(3) Alerted, transfer to hearts
(4) Sanity from Klavs, not doubling a likely mistake and then
    letting the opponents find a better, perhaps making, spot in
    a 3D partscore
(5) Game invitational values with hearts and diamonds
(6) Liking her maximum and double fit
(7) Sanity from Klavs, not doubling a certain mistake and then
    letting the opponents find a better, perhaps making, spot in
    a 5D game
(8) The only possible explanation for the ridiculous 5D bid is a
    wheel falling off, so I confidently doubled for +500

David Burn:

>...or whether a player knows his opponent's system better than
>they do.

Richard Hills:

Note that if I had memorised the opponents' system, I would still
not have been aware that a wheel had fallen off until the 5D bid,
since North had not given MI with an incorrect Alert, but rather
South had entirely legally forgotten the North-South agreements.

But if, in an alternative universe, South's recollection of the
North-South agreements was correct, and if in that alternative
universe I had also memorised the North-South agreements, then as
soon as North alerted 2D I would be 99% certain that a wheel was
about to fall off (the other 1% of the time both North and South
would have mutually and congruently had the same forgetting of
their system, so would complementarily misbid without any wheel
falling off).

It seems to me that such an alternative universe's random early
awareness of a wheel falling off when 2D is alerted (due to
memorisation of the opponents' system), but random early non-
awareness (due to non-memorisation of the opponents' system)
could be resolved by treating MI not as an infraction of Law 40,
but rather as an infraction of Law 20F4:

"If a player subsequently realizes that his own explanation was
erroneous or incomplete he must call the Director immediately.
The Director applies Law 21B or Law 40B4."

Richard Hills:

The Director could rule that the deemed Law 20F4 correction
would occur at the most beneficial time for the non-offending
side, for example when knowledge of a wheel falling off makes it
easy for the NOS to unleash a penalty double.  This concept of
"most beneficial time for the NOS" is consistent with Law 84D:

"The Director rules any doubtful point in favour of the non-
offending side. He seeks to restore equity. If in his judgement
it is probable that a non-offending side has been damaged by an
irregularity for which these laws provide no rectification he
adjusts the score (see Law 12)."

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