[BLML] Error in the Law book, Auction begins when?

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> when?
>> If only....one day perhaps.
>> lnb
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>> Law 73A1:
>> "Communication between partners during the _auction_
>> and play shall be effected only by means of calls
>> and plays. "
>> This laws makes it possible for me and my partner to
>> withdraw our hands from the baord and start to talk
>> ...
> +=+ Yes. At this time you are not restricted to only calls and
> plays. Your opponents are at the table, which you may not
> now leave. Disclosure procedure is subject to regulation.
>         All quite intentional - especially that regulation bit.
>         And, of course, Law 73C is now in operation.  To the
> best of my recollection there is no authorization in the laws
> for a player to communicate anything about the hand or
> partnership methods relating to it, see Law 16A3.

I think it is legal to discuss partnership agreements: "Partnership  
understandings as to the methods adopted by a partnership may be reached  
explicitly in discussion...." As part of the legal procedures of the game,  
that makes those communications AI (Law 16A1(c)).

Furthermore, any information acquired before a player takes his hand from  
a board is AI. (Law16A1(d)). Assuming the laws do not preclude use of this  

Is there any prohibition in the law. Law 73A1 does a lot: "Communication  
between partners during the auction and play shall be effected only by  
means of calls and plays." That leaves the little window before the  
auction starts but after a player has seen his hand.

And by the way, isn't L73A1 a little too thorough? Can't you try to  
prevent an irregularity or ask about a possible revoke?


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