[BLML] Misinformation and UI? [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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Wed Aug 5 02:20:01 CEST 2009

Eric Landau hypothetical:

As I'm defending a deal, declarer exposes the HQ in his hand so I
can see it (a procedural violation carrying no penalty).  If
Grattan's interpretation stands, this is UI to me.  Doesn't that
mean that if I now play declarer for the HQ, when would have been a
perfectly logical alternative for me to play partner for it, I must,
per L16C, make what I know to be the losing play, to avoid "using"
the UI that declarer has it?  That is how UI works, ne?

Law 74C5:

The following are examples of violations of procedure:
looking intently at any other player during the auction and play,
or at another player's hand as for the purpose of seeing his cards
or of observing the place from which he draws a card (but it is
appropriate to act on information acquired by unintentionally seeing
an opponent's card*).
* See Law 73D2 when a player may have shown his cards intentionally.

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