[BLML] Error in the Law book, Auction begins when?

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                                                                begins when?

> If only....one day perhaps.
> lnb
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> Law 73A1:
> "Communication between partners during the _auction_
> and play shall be effected only by means of calls
> and plays. "
> This laws makes it possible for me and my partner to
> withdraw our hands from the baord and start to talk
> ...
+=+ Yes. At this time you are not restricted to only calls and
plays. Your opponents are at the table, which you may not
now leave. Disclosure procedure is subject to regulation.
        All quite intentional - especially that regulation bit.
        And, of course, Law 73C is now in operation.  To the
best of my recollection there is no authorization in the laws
for a player to communicate anything about the hand or
partnership methods relating to it, see Law 16A3.
        Law 74A2 may be relevant.
       Please remember that information is extraneous if it
is not specified in law or regulation to be authorized. (See
Law 16A3)
                                   ~ Grattan ~  +=+

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