[BLML] Error in the Law book, Auction begins when?

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>I have accidentally discovered a discrepancy in the 2007 law book:
> Definitions:
> Auction  - 1.  The process of determining the contract by means of
> successive calls. It begins when the first call is made.  2. The aggregate
> of calls made (see Law 17).
> Law 17:
> A. Auction Period Starts
> The auction period on a deal begins for a side when either partner 
> withdraws
> his cards from the board.
> During the Norwegian Bridge Festival I had a player that exposed all her
> cards after withdrawing them from the board but before the first call on
> that board was made. I ruled according to Law 17 and Law 24 that all her
> cards were exposed during the auction period, and consider this the 
> correct
> ruling in spite of what has been written in definitions about when the
> auction begins.
> But I certainly hope that this discrepancy will be resolved ASAP?
> (Grattan?)
> Regards Sven
+=+ The distinction between the commencement of the Auction Period
and the commencement of the Auction was intentional. It was done by
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