[BLML] Revision of pig's ear. [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

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> Herman De Wael changes his mind:
>>>>You see, I do change my mind sometimes, when it is pointed out to
>>>>me that I am wrong!
> Jeff Easterson, a Director with a hand record:
>>>How about hand records, distributed to the TDs before play begins?
>>>This is usual in most (all?) of the tournaments I direct. Ciao, JE
> Grattan Endicott without reason:
>>+=+ I have no reason to think it can be sound procedure for the
>>Director to make himself aware of the contents of the hand.
>>                                                  ~ Grattan ~   +=+
> Law 13A with reason:
> "When the Director determines that one or more hands of the board
> contained an incorrect number of cards (but see Law 14) and a player
> with an incorrect hand has made a call, then when the Director deems
> that the deal can be corrected and played the deal may be so played
> with no change of call. At the end of play the Director may award an
> adjusted score."
> Grattan Endicott changes his mind???
> :-)  :-)  :-)
> Best wishes
> R.J.B. Hills, a Director with a hand record
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