[BLML] Revision of pig's ear. [SEC=UNOFFICIAL]

richard.hills at immi.gov.au richard.hills at immi.gov.au
Tue Aug 4 08:28:57 CEST 2009

Herman De Wael changes his mind:

>>>You see, I do change my mind sometimes, when it is pointed out to
>>>me that I am wrong!

Jeff Easterson, a Director with a hand record:

>>How about hand records, distributed to the TDs before play begins?
>>This is usual in most (all?) of the tournaments I direct. Ciao, JE

Grattan Endicott without reason:

>+=+ I have no reason to think it can be sound procedure for the
>Director to make himself aware of the contents of the hand.
>                                                  ~ Grattan ~   +=+

Law 13A with reason:

"When the Director determines that one or more hands of the board
contained an incorrect number of cards (but see Law 14) and a player
with an incorrect hand has made a call, then when the Director deems
that the deal can be corrected and played the deal may be so played
with no change of call. At the end of play the Director may award an
adjusted score."

Grattan Endicott changes his mind???
:-)  :-)  :-)

Best wishes

R.J.B. Hills, a Director with a hand record

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