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>  My question is if we can have this discussion after an
> opponents has called. Suppose our opponent opens
> 1NT and we have not taken our hands out of the board.
> On one hand, it doesn't seem fair that we can now
> discuss our defenses to a 1NT opening; on the other
> hand, perhaps our opponent should have waited for us
> to look at our cards before opening the bidding.
> +=+ Among the places one may look to resolve this
> question I can think of these:
>        Law 73A1;  and see Definitions - 'Auction' (1).
>        Law 40A1(b) and any regulations authorized by it.
>                                        ~ Grattan ~  +=+

Thanks. That's a good answer.

Maybe for 2017 the auction period should start whenever either player
looks at his hand OR a call occurs. That works better for Ai/UI purposes
and probably for exposed cards.

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