[BLML] Do you believe a claim of mispull?

David Grabiner grabiner at alumni.princeton.edu
Mon Aug 3 04:19:40 CEST 2009

It seems to have become common that players who commit an infraction with a 
bidding box claim to have mispulled, rather than to have made a mental error. 
Should we treat this claim skeptically, as we do when a player who had 
unauthorized information claims that he had no logical alternative in his 
bidding system, or claims that he has an unmarked agreement and there was a 
misbid rather than misinformation?

For example:

W   N   E
1S  2D  2C

When the director was called about the insufficient bid, East claimed to have 
mispulled, and thus South was not given a chance to accept the insufficient bid. 
This is certainly a reasonable mispull, but East's hand was rather weak to have 
intended a 3C bid.  (I don't know whether N-S were damaged by denying South the 
opportunity to accept the 2C bid.)

I have also seen players claim a mispull which was unlikely given the call; one 
player claimed to have mispulled a pass when he intended to make a bid (and not 
a skip bid; mispulling a pass when the intention was to pull the STOP card is 

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