[BLML] It's too late to discuss conventions when...

rfrick at rfrick.info rfrick at rfrick.info
Sun Aug 2 19:39:09 CEST 2009

> I assume that "our opening 2 Di is Flannery" is AI to my partner if I say
> it
> in time. (L16A(d))
> I get from the laws that I have to say it before my partner takes his hand
> out of the board. That lets me see my hand first. I am guessing no one
> actually rules that way.
> But is the deadline when either of us looks at our cards, or is the
> opponent
> making a call another deadline?
> ton:
> I think that the real 'deadline' is whether your partner knew it already
> before you said so.

Suppose my partner and I have not yet discussed the meaning of our 2 Di
opening. It must be legal at some point for us to discuss this and use the
information as AI -- that's what all partnerships do.

My question is if we can have this discussion after an opponents has
called. Suppose our opponent opens 1NT and we have not taken our hands out
of the board. On one hand, it doesn't seem fair that we can now discuss
our defenses to a 1NT opening; on the other hand, perhaps our opponent
should have waited for us to look at our cards before opening the bidding.

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