[BLML] It's too late to discuss conventions when...

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> I assume that "our opening 2 Di is Flannery" is AI to my 
> partner if I say it in time. (L16A(d))
> I get from the laws that I have to say it before my partner 
> takes his hand out of the board. That lets me see my hand 
> first. I am guessing no one actually rules that way.
> But is the deadline when either of us looks at our cards, 
> or is the opponent  making a call another deadline?
> ton:
> I think that the real 'deadline' is whether your partner 
> knew it already before you said so. 
+=+ This seems right to me, together with the possibility 
that you say it before any of these other 'deadliness' occurs. 
                                                  ~ Grattan ~   +=+ 

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