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> Steve Willner schrieb:
 From: Sven Pran <svenpran at online.no>
Opponents' mannerisms are certainly AI to me...
 I would have thought so too, but it isn't clear to 
me exactly which Law in the 2007 book makes 
it so.
> L73D1 and L16A1c
 If I can no longer play KJT opposite Axx by 
leading the jack and  watching what an opponent 
does, that is a revolutionary change in the game.  
Likewise if _anything_ an opponent voluntarily 
does is not AI to me.
+=+ There was a problem with 'mannerisms'. Not being 
included in the law book Definitions, it had its dictionary 
meaning. Some players thought they could understand it 
to mean a single reaction or behavioural response to a 
situation or an occurrence.  But this is not a mannerism. 
To be a mannerism the dictionary requires that it conform 
to the constant pattern of the individual's response to 
situations or events, part of his style, a characteristic 
peculiarity of manner. 
       The word 'mannerisms' is now substituted with the 
word 'traits' which even more clearly requires that what 
the player relies on is characteristic of the opponent.
      L73D1 and L16A1(c) provide for the KJ10 ploy, 
and see 73D2, 74C7. In this regard I do not see that 
anything has changed from 1997. 
                          ~ Grattan ~   +=+

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