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Sun Aug 2 00:11:15 CEST 2009

> Steve Willner schrieb:
>>> From: Sven Pran <svenpran at online.no>
>>> Opponents' mannerisms are certainly AI to me...
>> I would have thought so too, but it isn't clear to me exactly which Law
>> in the 2007 book makes it so.
> L73D1 and L16A1c
>> If I can no longer play KJT opposite Axx by leading the jack and
>> watching what an opponent does, that is a revolutionary change in the
>> game.  Likewise if _anything_ an opponent voluntarily does is not AI to
>> me.

L16A1 *should* say, roughly

1. During play, the only AI from partner is partner's legal calls and plays.

2. Anything from the opponents is AI.

Because it does not distinguish partner from opponents, there are several

Error #1a. You have to read the whole book to find out that opponent's
frown is AI. But only when it accompanies a call or play (L73).

Error #1b. Frowns and other mannerisms ocurring at other times (like when
player opens his hand) are UI.

Error #1c. Lack of hesitation (in Sven's situation of looking for the
queen) presumably is UI.

Error #2. If the opponent tells you he has a particular card, that's UI.
As far as I can tell -- as noted you have to read the entire lawbook to
apply L16A1(c)

Error #3. Assuming the answers to explanations are part of the procedures
of the game, they are AI to both sides.

There are also situations that are not easily resolved. And of course the
two rules above have exceptions.

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