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              Usenet Bridge Abbreviations

ABF        Australian Bridge Federation
AC         Appeals committee
ACBL       American Contract Bridge League
AI         Authorised information
ArtAS      Artificial adjusted score
AssAS      Assigned adjusted score
ATF        Across-the-field [matchpointing]
ATTNA      Appeal to the National Authority
BBL        British Bridge League [now defunct]
BGB        Bridge Great Britain
BIT        Break in Tempo
BLML       Bridge-laws mailing list
BoD        Board of directors [ACBL]
BoG        Board of governors [ACBL]
BOOT       Bid-Out-Of-Turn
CD         Convention Disruption
C&E        Conduct and ethics [often hearings]
CC         Convention card
CHO        Center Hand Opponent [ie partner]
CoC        Conditions of contest
COOT       Call-Out-Of-Turn
CoP        Code of practice
CPU        Concealed partnership understanding
CTD        Chief Tournament director
DBF        Danish Bridge Federation
DIC        Director in charge
DP         Disciplinary penalty
EBL        European Bridge League
EBU        English Bridge Union
EHAA       Every Hand an Adventure [a system]
F2F        Face-to-face [to distinguish from Online bridge]
FNJ        Fit-Non-Jump (A non-jump bid in a new suit that implies a fit
            for partner's suit). 
FOLOOT     Faced Opening-Lead-Out-Of-Turn
FSF        Fourth Suit Forcing
GCC        General Convention Chart [ACBL]
HUM        Highly Unusual Method
IB         Insufficient Bid
IBLF       International Bridge Laws Forum
LA         Logical alternative
L&EC       Laws & Ethics Committee [English, Welsh or Scottish]
LHO        Left hand Opponent
Lnn        Law number nn
LOL        Little old lady [may be of either sex]
LOOT       Lead-Out-Of-Turn
MB         Misbid
ME         Misexplanation
MI         Misinformation
MPC        Major penalty card
mPC        Minor penalty card
MSC        Master Solvers' Club [The Bridge World]
NA         National Authority
NABC       ACBL North American Bridge Championships
NBB        Nederlandse Bridge Bond [Dutch Bridge League]
NBO        National Bridge organisation
NCBO       National Contract Bridge organisation
NIBU       Northern Ireland Bridge Union
NO         Non-offender
NOs        Non-offenders
NOS        Non-offending side
OBM        Old Black Magic
OBOOT      Opening-Bid-Out-Of-Turn
OKB        OKBridge
OLB        Online bridge [to distinguish from Face-to-face bridge]
OLOOT      Opening-Lead-Out-Of-Turn
OOT        Out-Of-Turn
Os         Offenders
OS         Offending side
pd         Partner
PLOOT      Play-Out-Of-Turn
POOT       Pass-Out-Of-Turn
PP         Procedural Penalty
PH         Passed Hand
RA         Regulating Authority
RGB        rec.games.bridge [newsgroup]
RGBO       rec.games.bridge.okbridge [newsgroup]
RHO        Right Hand Opponent
RLB        Real Life Bridge [to distinguish from Online bridge]
RoC        Rule of coincidence
RoW        Rest of World [apart from North America]
RTFLB      Read the [fabulous] Law book!
SAYC       Standard American Yellow Card
SBU        Scottish Bridge Union
SO         Sponsoring organisation
TBW        The Bridge World [magazine]
TD         Tournament director
TDic       Tournament director in charge
TFLB       The [fabulous] Law book!
UI         Unauthorised information
UPH        UnPassed Hand
WBF        World Bridge Federation
WBFLC      WBF Laws Committee
WBU        Welsh Bridge Union
YC         Young Chelsea
ZO         Zonal organisation
ZT         Zero Tolerance [for unacceptable behaviour]

Hand diagrams:

3m         3C or 3D [minor]
3M         3H or 3S [Major]
..3H       3H after a hesitation
3H!        3H alerted

Cards and bids:

H3         A card (3 of hearts)
3H         A bid (3 hearts.

  The above may also be found on David Stevenson's Bridgepage at


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